When to Use The JTBD Handbook

  • Cramming it to pull out anything you haven’t seen before.

  • Flipping through it a few minutes before you conduct an interview to review the basics.

  • Using it to think through who to interview when starting a project.

  • Handing it to a colleague to quickly bring them up-to- speed on JTBD so they can be your interview partner.

Take a sneak peak inside

The book is full of graphics to help explain important concepts, as well as give a visual aspect to JTBD.

Such important topics include:

  • Force Diagrams
  • JTBD Timeline
  • Interview Process

About the Authors


I am an Innovator (JTBD Method), a Product Developer (+1000 new products), a Businessman (5 Startups), a Mentor, a Student, and a Citizen. I believe there are more opportunities and need for change at hand today than there has been in a long time. The opportunity for change is really about personal INNOVATION. It is time for the world to take full advantage of the over-supply of technology and learn to INNOVATE by applying this technology in new and unique ways.


I am a Partner and Co-Founder at The Re-Wired Group, an innovation consultancy focused on enabling R&D functions within Fortune 500 companies to develop products that consumers love to buy and use. I have been studying, refining, and applying Jobs-to-be-Done across a wide variety of industries for over 10 years (software, education, consumer-packaged-goods, healthcare, e-commerce, etc).